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Dominating the supernatural post-apocalypse genre, SINS is a narrative role-playing game focused on telling the stories of powerful entities - known as Nemissaries - in the ruins of 22nd Century Earth. These reborn individuals are people of immense will, who have dragged themselves back from the brink of death, and returned with a wealth of mysterious powers with which to fight the undying hive-mind known only as the Brood.

Dead City is an exciting and fast-paced introduction to the world of SINS. 
A pre-written adventure prequel to the SINS Core Rulebook, Dead City is concisely packed with several hours of thrilling survival-horror gameplay that takes 5 players through branching plotlines against ever-evolving adversaries as they fight to survive one apocalypse, only to be thrown into a desperate struggle to survive another.

This .PDF is a 32-page pre-written adventure, containing:

  • A 3-5 hour long 'zombie survival' style roleplaying Game
  • A streamlined demo version of SINS' D6- based HOPE engine 
  • 5 pre-written characters sheets
  • Armoury of items and equipment for use in the Dead City Scenario

No prior experience with SINS or the its mechanical system is required. This is a demo version of the game, and an introductory prequel to the material presented in the SINS Corebook.

The game contains some heavy moral dilemmas, and is recommended for ages 16 and up.


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SINS - Dead City - PDF version.pdf 22 MB
DC Character Sheet - Catherine.pdf 2 MB
DC Character Sheet - Jack.pdf 3 MB
DC Character Sheet - Jessica.pdf 2 MB
DC Character Sheet - Lawrence.pdf 2 MB
DC Character Sheet - Thomas.pdf 2 MB

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